Wessex Racing Services

Wessex Motor Racing Developments Ltd. was founded in 1975 and was then based in Swanage Dorset with three founding directors, Bruce Bamber, Tony Scott, and Chris Witt. The company occupied a newly built industrial unit of a little over 2000 sq. ft. featuring an unloading / wash-off bay, the main car preparation and manufacturing workshops, two dedicated engine building rooms, a small office, and a dyno room with a Henan Froude DPX 345 dyno purchased from Westlake.

The business was originally set up to bring together the interests of Bruce; who at the time had been developing for some time the first of a series of space framed Mini rallycross cars to drive in the popular but emerging sport of Rallycross both in the UK and throughout Europe whilst making a living as a freelance engineer and car builder; Tony who had been running a successful engine building shop offering services such as cylinder head modification, engine preparation, and dynamic balancing of engine components to the motorsport community throughout the South of England; and Chris who at that time was racing 250 International karts and brought with himĀ  excellent skills as a welder of T45 tubing amongst other things.

This was the foundation of the Company that not only undertook complete car preparation, supplied goods and services to the then British Leyland Special Tuning, was synonymous with offset bored BLMC Mini engines up to 1500cc, but also went on to provide some of the most successful Ford BDA engines ever seen in Rallycross.
Bruce continued to drive throughout that time in England and Europe also becoming a regular in the French Rallycross Championship but left the Company in 1978 to pursue other interests, reforming his car preparation company under the Wessex Racing banner in 2005 to offer complete car preparation services to the motorsport community specialising in, but not limited to, cars and engines from the Honda Motor Co.